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Galina’s career is founded in holistic and natural medicine, with a particular interest in stress-related disorders.

Combining 20 years of experience in treating patients in many countries around the world and extensive research in natural medicine, she has developed her unique method of treating and preventing stress-related problems such as fears and phobias, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

To help her patients overcome health problems and challenges, she designs an Individual Treatment Plan for each patient using extensive diagnostic and therapeutic methods, including HRV and other stress-tests, Holistic Mitochondrial supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, psychosomatic and trans-generational approaches combined with Intuitive Prescribing.

Galina developed her own range of natural remedies (Absolute Health Blends) that proved to be very successful in her practice and for the general public. Galina treats a wide range of physical problems as well as emotional issues, including fears and phobias, depression and PTSD. She specialises in treating stress-related allergies, including hay fever and food intolerances as well as digestive and cardiovascular problems, and hormonal imbalances. Further to this, she helps patients develop stress-management strategies.

Galina is engaged in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and natural medicine in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. She is an inspiring lecturer and conducts workshops, seminars and webinar courses, writes regular articles on different aspects of emotional health, is active in social networks, and has been featured in interviews in the press and on television.

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  • Education
  • Vyacheslav and Elena Smirnov School of Yoga and Health Systems, Kyiv 2019-2021
  • Guild Of Homeopaths, UK 1998-2010
  • College of Practical Homeopathy, London, 1998 - 2002
  • Ukrainian Language School Science of Ukrainian Language, Kyiv 1991
  • The International University of Business and Information Technology Moscow 1981 - 1985
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  • WORK
  • FARMACIA N12 Clinic, Consultant, Kyiv, 2017-2019
  • UMAUK (Ukrainian Medical Association in the UK) Co-Founder and Secretary 2015-2020
  • Holistic Solution, Co-Founder 2017-2019
  • The Ella Clinic (ndu Clinic), Consultant, Harley Street, London, 2011-2020
  • GALAHhomeopathy educational and CPD events, Funder and Director, St Albans UK 2005 - 2015
  • Herts Homeopaths group, Founder and Supervisor, St Albans UK 2001 - 2010
  • Absolute Health Therapeutic Blends product range, Founder 2005-2023
  • Absolute Health Clinic, Consultant, 2017-2023
  • Beaumont Homeopathic Clinic, Consultant, St Albans UK 2001 - 2017
  • Hitching Natural Therapy Center, Consultant, Hitchin UK 2001-2003
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  • Colour therapy in Homeopathic Practice using new imponderable colour remedies (Meditative Provings) of the British Guild of Homeopaths.
  • Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes: Materia Medica and its main areas of use
  • Homeopathic therapeutics for patients with grief aetiology using new remedies of the British Guild of Homeopaths (Meditative Provings).
  • New Meditative Provings of the Guild of Homeopaths for treatment of emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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