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Are you concerned about the side effects of conventional drugs and are looking for a natural, gentle, safe treatment for your health issues which do not require a lifetime of medication?

I am UK qualified and registered holistic practitioner, and I can help you.

I run a very busy international online clinic seeing people.


Patients are coming to me with any physical and mental/ emotional problems.
It is necessary for me to be able to see you during our consultation. So, shortly before your appointment, I will send you an email invitation to ‘Google Room’.
The Principle Consultation appointment can vary between one and two hours (120 minutes, 90 minutes or 60 minutes), depending on your individual problems. Follow-up Concultation normally last between 30 and 55 minutes.
I recommend using a computer rather than a mobile phone, if possible.
Please make sure that you have enough time and find a quiet place not to be disturbed. I will start your Principal Consultation by asking you for a description of the condition – or conditions – for which you are seeking treatment. The questions will be quite detailed. For instance, if you are suffering from some form of headache, I will ask about the nature of the pain: stabbing, shooting, throbbing, burning, aching etc? What is its precise location? Is the pain deep inside the head, superficial, or does the pain move? What makes it better? Or worse? I will also ask about any other physical and emotional complaints that might be occurring at the same time. After we have discussed the main problem, I will ask questions about different aspects of your life. This provides me with a complete picture and helps to choose the treatment that most closely fits you as an individual. The treatment is tailored to your personal characteristics as well as your medical condition. I will also ask about the quality of your life. How vital and energetic do you feel? How does food, weather, time of day or even time of year affect you? I would like you to be as candid as possible – nothing is too trivial or insignificant. Many patients have an innate or intuitive sense of why something is happening in their life, and I welcome these insightful comments.
I will personally prepare your homeopathic prescription and arrange delivery, making sure all instructions are clearly written on each remedy. Most of the homeopathic remedies you will be given after and in-between appointments are included in the consultation price. Additional remedies from my ‘Absolute Health’ therapeutic range are not included in the price of the appointment; however, if you need any vitamins or supplements, I will send you a list from the Natural Dispensary website where you will be able to order with 10% discount.
I am a registered UK practitioner, and my services are covered by many medical insurance companies. Sometimes your insurance company might ask you for a GP referral.
Please ensure that I receive payment at least 24 hours before the time of your consultation.
If you do not subscribe to Google, you will need to have access to either Skype or WhatsApp.
I will give you access to the questionnaire by email (Gmail) and ask you to fill it in online – that way, you will not need to email it back to me. NB: if you do not have Gmail, I can send you the document in Word format. You will need to return the completed document via email, as I will need to use it to type up my notes during and after your consultations; please do not print, scan and return.
You will need a Google account to get in.
At the beginning of the treatment, your appointments will be every 2 to 3 weeks. As treatment progresses, the time between may lengthen to 4 to 6 weeks. At the Principle consultation, I will be able to estimate how many appointments you will need depending on your individual needs. To have a stable result from the treatment, it is advisable to have three consultations, including the Initial one. However, you will see some changes within the first three weeks after the Principle consultation. If you have had your chronic health condition for a few years or your state of health is generally compromised, it will take at least 4-6 months to get a good result from the treatment. Remember, natural remedies are not suppressing the symptoms of your condition; they are helping your body to sort out problems and imbalances that take some time.
I will need some time to analyse all the information you provided both before and during the appointment in order to see the whole picture of your physical and emotional health. Once this is done, I will prepare an Individual Treatment Plan for you and post your remedies with the instructions on how to take them. Most of the homeopathic remedies are included in the price of the consultation. However, therapeutic blends and supplements are not. I would like to follow the progress of the treatment closely; therefore, “in-between consultations care” (unlimited communications including emails and text messages) is included in the price of the consultation. Please note that it is only available if the follow-up appointment is booked.
I operate an Appointment Cancellation Policy, meaning that if you must cancel your appointment, please contact me no less than 48 hours in advance to avoid a missed appointment charge. Appointments cancelled between 48 and 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will be charged half the fee. You will be charged the full appointment fee if you do not contact me, forget your appointment, or notify me less than 24 hours in advance.

If you want to book a Consultation with Galina, please send the Consultation Request below.

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