"I contacted Galina as after the birth of my son, I was struggling to get enough breast milk. I was very upset and nervous in this situation. My baby seemed to feel my nervousness; he was choking on milk, couldn’t keep it down and suffered from stomach pain.
Thank Galina’s holistic approach, she could find the right homeopathic remedies for us, and she also helped me with some great professional advice. As a result, my milk supply increased substantially, and I managed to calm down and enjoy my motherhood. My son also felt much better; he became more relaxed and settled. I found Galina to be a highly professional and very kind person. I am very thankful to her, and I will certainly recommend Galina to my friends. "
Aleks Fredriksson
"I met Galina back 1.5 years ago mainly to seek advice for my 1-year-old baby. Since then, she has helped us treat our physical and emotional health. As a result, I stopped wasting my time trying to get through to my GP and gave up chemical "traditional" medicine. I get ill less often than before, and this fact speaks for itself."
Eugenia Budanova
"I love Galina's approach to her patients. She always devotes a lot of time to every patient and looks into a problem from different angles. Galina gives advice on a healthy diet, natural vitamins and food supplements, exercises and healthy habits. She also takes into consideration emotional status, which is also very important as it has a significant impact on our health. Galina treats chronic diseases very well; she's helped me a lot with eczema I've had for years. I'm always recommending Galina to all my friends, especially those with children. Also, Galina prepares great immune tonics, which are great when your little ones show the first symptoms of a cold. I definitely recommend this great homoeopath for the whole family!"
Julia Ribinska
“I have been looking for a professional homeopath for a long time and found it! A very attentive specialist, an individual approach, a desire to understand and understand.” The ability to stay in touch with the doctor online, ask questions and adjust treatment. And also a very pleasant person who wants to trust and believe! And just a charming woman!"
Natalia Yurchenko
"I met Galina when I was suffering from a severe infection in my throat. I was desperate, as my local GP prescribed me antibiotics without even having a look at my throat! To make it clear, I had almost greenish-black tonsils. I refused to take antibiotics, as I knew the reason for the condition was low immunity, and antibiotics kill immunity even more. Moreover, I didn't want to take antibiotics without knowing what kind of bacteria it was. Anyway, Galina helped me so much that my throat was healthy in two days without any chemical pills! Moreover, She helped not only my physical state but also my psycho-emotional state. I trust Her a lot and recommend her to everyone."
Adriana Nykyforuk
“I found Galina in a very difficult period of my life when doctors could not find the reason for my constant health problems. I was amazed at the depth of the consultation, the time devoted to me, and how holistically the Doctor approached the understanding of the causes of my condition. She made a whole plan for me for the day, including a full range of measures to restore my health, of course, and homeopathy too. An integrated approach and a deep understanding of the patient's condition are the amazing qualities of Galina; she helped me a lot!”
Olga Ashcheulova
"I always recommend Galina to all my friends and acquaintances! Consultations are very professional, with an individual, personal approach. Plus, I'm always FOR natural, organic, homeopathic!!!! In a word, I RECOMMEND!!!!!"
Irina Rotaru
I found Galina about 1.5 years ago because I wanted to have support and counselling in the UK and not via Skype from Moscow (which was extremely inefficient). After 3 months of my management, I transferred my 2 daughters to Galina, and now my husband also consults with Galina. As a family, we are very comfortable and calm under the guidance of this doctor. She is always in touch, very attentive and professional in every case (even the smallest one). Health, both physical and emotional, has become stronger and now I calmly react to any ailment in the family. Thank you very much and we hope that you will be able to help us for a long time”
Maria Igumnova
“Galina's professionalism and attentiveness to people is simply beyond praise. I RECOMMEND to watch the video and articles and make sure!”
Svitlana Kulchytska
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