Cellular protection by specialised micro-crystal technology

Mobile phones are one of the major sources of EMF radiation because most
people have a mobile phone very close to their bodies for nearly the entire day.
Most people don’t realise how much harm they expose themselves to through
mobile phone EMF radiation.
Exposure to mobile phone EMF radiation can cause
Short-term problems: muscle tension, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, poor
concentration, fatigue, memory loss, low immune system.
Long-term issues: cancers, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, Parkinson’s, high blood
pressure, and brain damage.
MOBILE PHONE SHIELD helps the body to neutralise the EMF radiation, protects
against negative biological side effects and helps to relieve conditions associated
with mobile phone use.
Suitable for all mobile phones and tablets.
Quickly and easily attached to the outside of any phone.
It can be easily moved to a new phone.
No interference with transmission or reception.
No batteries are required.
Safe to use.
Made in the UK
Patent N GB 2364602


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