Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and healthy diet.


Blend of Diatom & Silica Salt
The unique natural substance is rich in organic silica and over 11 essential trace minerals from the fossilised remains of ancient diatoms. Indications for use:

– provides a daily amount of vital silica, calcium and magnesium;
– helps the synthesis of collagen in tendons, joints and bones; speeds up the healing of fractures and injuries;
– improves the condition of the skin, teeth, nails and hair;
– effectively eliminate heavy metals, toxins and metabolic products;
– increases resistance to electromagnetic radiation;
– stimulates the intestines, reduces inflammation, helps with stomach and intestinal ulcers, prevents constipation and diarrhoea;
– normalises metabolism, increases energy levels, and reduces appetite;
– maintains vascular health, normalises blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, biochemical Silicea salt.

Recommended Intake:

start with 0.5 tsp (3-4 days), gradually increasing the daily dose to 1 tbsp.
Gently mix a portion of the powder with a small amount of room temperature water (do not heat the water!), drink it in the morning on an empty stomach or 2.5-3 hours after a meal, and drink a glass of water afterwards.


do not inhale or take in pure form!


gastric and duodenal ulcer, acute and chronic kidney disease.
Do not exceed the daily recommended intake unless advised by a specialist.
Not intended for use under the age of 2 years.


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