Asphalia  for natural radiance


asphalia radiance
As we age, our body’s ability to synthesise vital anti-oxidants wanes. By age seventy we can only make a fraction of them, so are gradually overwhelmed by free radicals. Free radicals cause deterioration of our appearance. But supplementation with the natural   anti-oxidant ingredients contained in Asphalia helps  to scavenge these free radicals and to restore  complexion, as well as improving our faculties                                generally.
Denham Harman’s free radical theory of ageing is now generally accepted by scientists. The anti-oxidant status of our ingredient is five times as powerful as vitamin C. And it even helps other anti-oxidants found in fresh fruits and vegetables to do their job. Although there is no scientific evidence, this product is not suitable for asthmatics.                     
Ingredients: Wheatgrass (triticum aestivum) Barleygrass (hordeum sativa), Blackberry leaves, Natural berries: blueberry, bilberry, raspberry, rosehip, elderberry, hawthorn